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      This is a 25 watt tube rectified cathode biased amp.  Think about the nastiest tweed deluxe amp you have ever heard then put that on steroids!!  It features 2 inputs each for Bright and Normal Channels.  You will probably always plug into the Bright Channel,  as the normal channel is pretty dark sounding.  The Normal Channel is however very useful for fattening up the sound when you jumper the two channels.  Controls are simple, Normal Volume, Bright Volume and Tone.  A single button footswitch controls two different gain levels.

     Tube compliment:  

                 2 - 12AX7   preamp tubes

                 2 - 6L6GC  output tubes

                 1 - 5AR4 (GZ34)   rectifier

                 1 x 12 combo   $2350.00           

                 33 lbs       16” x 20” x 9.5”

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                         One of my customers, Sid Farrow, made this comment on the amp.

        "I would stress how interactive the two volume knobs are. First set the normal channel volume knob at 6 and plug into the bright channel and find the sweet spot in that channel. Then with the normal volume knob dial in, or out, the amount of "warmth" that you desire. Then you can jumper the two channels to get a more saturated sound, while still retaining the clear strong bottom end sound the amp has to begin with.  The low input (#2) in the bright channel is a very usable input as well."

​       "Also the amp doesn't really even need pedals but the 'Bandito' really takes pedals well and sounds equally good with single coils or humbuckers."


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​Here is a Gibson 336 into the bandito. Channels jumpered with Boost On.

​Here is a sound clip by Sid Farrow with a Telecaster into a Bandito. Channels jumpered and Boost On.