El Patron's come standard in distressed tweed covering with a custom pinstriped, rusty metal, illuminated mica logo plate.

     Available as:


     50 watt 1 X 12 combo             $3750.00

     62 lbs.     25" x 22" x 11"

     50 watt 1 X 12 small combo    $3650.00

     (does not have illuminated logo plate)

      53 lbs.     19" x 22" x 10 1/2"

      50 watt Head                          $3550.00

      39 lbs     21 3/4" x 10 3/4" x 9 3/4"

      100 watt Head                        $3995.00

      44 lbs.     21 3/4" x 103/4" x 9 3/4"







     Front panel controls include:

     Volume with bright switch




     4 and 8 ohm speaker outputs (50 watt heads only)

     4, 8 @ 16 ohm selector switch (100 watt head only)

     passive effects loop (heads only)


     IEC cord connector

     Tube compliment:

     V1 - 12AX7     Preamp

     V2 - 12AX7     Overdrive

     V3 - 12AT7     Reverb driver

     V4 - 12AX7    Reverb return and recovery

     V5 - 12AX7    Phase inverter

     V6 - 12AT7     Output driver tube

     V7 and V8 - 6L6GC  Output tubes   

        (4 6L6GC on 100 watt)

     Our "El Patron' amp has the clean channel and super lush reverb of the 'Texas Tru Tone' amp with the foot switchable FET boost, Preamp boost (PAB) and overdrive channel of the 'El Vaquero' amp.  The cleans on the amp have more headroom than the 'El Vaquero' which feels a little softer on the cleans.  There is also more gain in the clean channel of the 'El Patron' amp which when added with the overdrive gives a richer, more saturated overdrive tone.

     The 'El Patron' has the same cathode follower driven output stage as most of our amps giving it that added clarity, even when overdriven, that Longhorn Amps are famous for.


‚ÄčEl Patron small combo

To Order Call: 214-478-0043

Full size combo with illuminated logo