The El Vaquero amp has a beautiful clean channel with a single tube reverb.  The single tube reverb is softer than a Fender type reverb in both amount of reverb and tone.  With the footswitch you can add FET boost ( a clean Boost), Preamp Boost (PAB which lifts the tone stack thickening the tone) and an Overdrive channel for singing sustaining lead tones.  It comes standard with distressed tweed covering and rusted metal logo plate with backlit mica Longhorn cutout.

     Tube compliment:  1 - 12AX7    Preamp

                                   1 - 12AX7    Overdrive

                                   1 - 12AX7    Reverb

                                   1 - 12AX7    Phase inverter

                                   1 - 12AT7    Output tube driver

                                   2 - 6L6GC   Output tube

     50 watt head                  $3300.00

                     21.75” x 10.75" x 9.75"        39 lbs     

     50 watt 1 X 12 combo     $3500.00

                      25” x 22” x 11”              62 lbs

​to order call: 214-478-0043