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     This amp is similar to what I did with the ‘El Vaquero’ and ‘El Patron’ in that it is a “D” style amp, but this one has an output section truer to the originals (no cathode follower driver stage). Also this is a “high plate” design which makes it a little gainer than the others.

    The reverb section on this amp is much like what I used in the ‘Texas Tru Tone’ and ‘El Patron’ amps however in the ‘Stampede’ amp the entire reverb circuit can be bypassed via the footswitch. This not only gives you the option of reverb or not, but also allows you have a signal path truer to the “D” style amps, or to access the added gain that the reverb circuit provides even with the reverb knob on the front panel set at minimum.

    This amp has a Mid Boost function available from the footswitch. this gives the amp a more mid rich, compressed tone.

    The overdrive section is similar to my previous amps but has a little more gain.

   The bright switch has three positions:

       Position 1    adds brightness in the clean channel only

       Center         Bright off

       Position 2     adds brightness to both the clean and overdrive channels

    Without the footswitch the amp reverts to Overdrive,  Mid Boost, Reverb on

Tube compliment:   

                     2 - 6L6GC output tubes

                     4 - 12AX7 preamp tubes

                     1 - 12AT7  preamp tube


45 watts   

                  1 X 12 combo    $3250.00

                 19” X 22” X 10.5”      51 lb